Best Keto Fat Bombs! All The Fun And No Sugar!

If you’re on a keto diet then you most likely want a list of some of the best keto fat bombs! The Keto diet is great, but sometimes you just want to have something… different! Right?

Because we’ve been deprived from sugar and carbs, it’s just natural sometimes to crave what we used to eat. But since the keto diet is so good for us, we don’t want to go back to the old standard way of eating. Do we?

Am I right? Sometimes you just have to have something sweet, or you’ll go nuts! I get it, and there are solutions to this, I promise!

Keto fat bombs are little bits of sweetness (and fat) that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Disclaimer: Please note that some links below are affiliate links and I will earn a small commission if you purchase through those links. I use all the products listed below and recommend them because they are from companies that I have found helpful and trustworthy. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything listed below!

Now for the list:

Keto Peanut Butter Cups – One of the best keto fat bombs!

best keto fat bombs

See! You don’t have to cheat on this diet by going back on sugar ever again! These will satisfy your sweet tooth, trust me! Making these some of the best keto fat bombs!

I’m on my fourth box this month already! I can’t get enough of these things, and even have to hide them sometimes!

They taste just like the real thing, no seriously! So much so that I don’t even miss those sugar ones anymore. Um what were they called again?! Forget it, I don’t even remember lol!

And if you’re counting your macros like me, you’ll notice that this is a great way to add in fat!

9 grams of fat and only 3 net carbs per serving, wow neat huh? Because sometimes you just want a peanut butter cup, darn it!

2. Fat Snax Cookies! The 2nd best keto fat bombs!

best keto fat bombs

No not the computer cookies. Food cookies! I have to say, that I like my homemade versions better, but everyone has different tastes!

And they’re chocolate chip! MMMM good stuff. Good stuff on the go! Or dunked in almond milk. And you don’t have to mess up your kitchen with baking. Or buy any ingredients you may not have.

Another low carb/high fat choice. It’s a win-win!

3. Keto Bars! The 3rd best keto fat bombs!

best keto fat bombs

Yeah, they’re expensive, but dang they’re good! And there’s 12 of them too, so they should last awhile.

Notice that I said “should”…

In my house they don’t last that long, Unless they’re hidden and forgotten about for a little while.

And then it’s a little special found treat! That was found in my shoe! I don’t remember putting it there. Oh well…

4. Atkins Vanilla Lemon Wafer Crisps! The 4th best keto fat bombs!

best keto fat bombs

Even though this is an Adkins variety, it’s keto friendly too! Vanilla and lemon wafers?! Omg, these are begging to be tried!! I used to love those vanilla wafers that are packed with sugar. I used to gobble those down like no tomorrow. And I never even checked the carb content. Now I’m curious to learn how many carbs are in those!

These however, have one gram of sugar per serving, and one gram of sugar is okay on the keto diet. You won’t get knocked out of ketosis with one gram. Just don’t over do it, that’s all. You will get knocked out if you over do it. Also, it only has 3 net carbs a serving, so it’s another good choice.

5. Good Dee’s Brownies! The 5th best keto fat bombs!

If you really feel like making something, then this brownie kit is awesome. All you’ll need are the ingredients which are eggs, butter, and water! So easy peasy.

I’ve tried it before and it’s just as good as my homemade recipe. It is another one of the best keto fat bombs, it tastes just like a real brownie!

6. Rebel Ice Cream! The 6th best!

Yeah we can have ice cream again! And brownies and ice cream go so good together. This has only 5-8 net carbs per pint! Yay!

I have been looking forever for keto ice cream! I thought I found some a couple months ago, and I bought it. They were claiming it was low carb, and keto friendly. I got it online and when it got here, the carb content said nearly 18 net carbs! Holy cow! So I had to pass on that, and gave the ice cream away to my co-workers. Bummer!

7. Choc-Zero Chocolate Covered Almonds! The 7th best!

Wow! Good for you and oh so good too! They are keto friendly that’s for sure! Making these some of the best keto fat bombs!

I’m not a big nut fan, so I haven’t tried these yet. But my mom has and says they are wonderful. So, for all you nut fans out there, this might be perfect for you.

And they’re covered in chocolate! Almonds are super good for you and so is cocao. A little high in net carbs, but if you’re not concerned about that it’s OK. 20-50 net carbs is the usual norm for keto dieters.

Looking For More? How About A Keto Bomb Cook Book!

For Bakers! This book is great because of all the whopping amount of choices.

Just look at the cover, geeze!

My mouth is starting to water, just looking at it.

There’s sweet fat bombs, frozen fat bombs, liquid fat bombs, even savory fat bombs! Okay, I’ve got to make something now, lol!

So, What Will You Choose?

Well, all the above are some of the best keto fat bombs, and are really healthy choices! And it doesn’t even seem like it because they are so good! Did I just say healthy? Yes, I did! It’s weird, because while growing up I was told that if it tastes good, it’s probably bad for you. Never have I ever been on a diet where they say this stuff is good for you! Until now.

But back when I was growing up, I was eating the standard American diet. And the diet experts would always say that we can eat desserts, but in moderation. Never did they say they were good for us.

And they were right, The desserts that I used to eat were NOT healthy at all. Loaded with sugars, and vegetable oils… It’s a wonder we’re all still alive!

Oh, maybe because these are slow poisons, slowly making us sicker and sicker. So that way we can go to the doctor and buy prescription drugs. I’m not going to say it’s a conspiracy, because I don’t know for sure if it is. But it sure seems like it doesn’t it?

Thankfully there are a few people waking up from this, and if you’re reading this you must be one of them. And like the rest of us who are “woke”, we’re getting healthier and healthier now. Congratulations to you and all the others!

Now It’s Your Turn

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Disclaimer: Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet, using any new product, drug, supplement, or doing any new exercises.

6 thoughts on “Best Keto Fat Bombs! All The Fun And No Sugar!”

  1. I’ve often used Arctic Zero or Halo Top for ice cream, but for those looking to stick to Keto, Rebel definitely blows the former two out of the water. While Arctic Zero and Halo Top do a fine job with lowering the carb count, the net carbs can sometimes be up to 30 grams per pint, which for the Keto dieter, may still be too much despite the lower carb count. I’ll have to give Rebel a shot, since 5-8 grams of net carbs per pint is something unheard of. 

    1. Yes, 30 grams is way too high. Most people go 20 grams or below. The highest is 50, so if you’re doing that then 30 grams would be okay. But then you’d have to really watch yourself to stay below 50.

  2. Hi Buffy,

    Great looking website with very useful information. You are credible because you shared your personal journey, use the foods/drinks personally, and have experienced noticeable improvements to your health (i.e. weight loss, better mood, better vision, decreased back pain). Posts are interesting and kept my attention to the end. 

    I would love to know more about insulin resistance. 

    Besides chocolate, what is your favorite keto food/meal?

    I look forward to reading more about the keto diet. 


    1. Awe thank you for your comment 🙂 

      Okay, yah insulin resistance is a good topic. I’ll consider writing about it.

      I think my favorite keto meal is a steak and salad. I make a huge salad, with cucumbers, zucchini, olives, tomatoes, avocado, and spinach. I found a keto friendly salad dressing too.

      With the steak, I’ll have asparagus, cauliflower, and broccoli.

  3. Wafers? How can they be any good for you? I guess I don’t really understand the Keto diet and to be honest, it sounds all good but it’s probably just another way to sell us stuff. I think the best way is to have a healthy vegetable-based balanced diet. If you need to put a label on it why not create your own. In the end, if you are in tune with your body then you will know what you really need. That’s just my opinion 

    1. Well it’s very low net carbs, and people have been begging me to find some different options. I think people want these is because they crave sugar.

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