Kamado Joe Grill Reviews of 2019 – Is It Worth It?

Summer’s coming even if we like it or not, that means: hot weather, pool time, and barbecues! Yes summer’s coming! So you’ll need a barbecue grill. Maybe you’ve heard of Kamado Joe barbecue grills, but are wondering if they’re worth the price. Let’s dive into what people have said about them with some Kamado Joe Grill Reviews!

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It has 4.4 out of 5 stars with over 200 reviews

Positive Kamado Joe Grill Reviews

  • Most people prefer Kamado Joe over the Big Green Egg (BEG). For instance, with the Kamado Joe, the fittings are superior. The interior system is upgraded; the hinge is better and the nest is stronger, etc.
  • It has “the neatest grill system” The grill is cut in half and the rack that it sits in, lets you place the grill low or high.
  • You can use a pizza stone and make homemade pizzas!
  • Built like a tank for years of grilling!

One review from C. Joyce: “You cannot go wrong with a Big Green Egg. But you can, in my opinion, do a little better, with the Kamado Joe. If you are happy with your Egg, there is no reason to upgrade. But if you are buying your first, or need a replacement, I highly recommend the Joe.”

Negative Kamado Joe Reviews:

  • It’s heavy and hard to set up if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Doesn’t roll very easy on its wheels.
  • Sometimes people get defective ones. (Good thing it can be replaced if so). Like with anything you buy, sometimes there’s a defect.

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Every grill:

  • Has a grill and grate gripping tool
  • Includes an ash shovel, and a slide out ash drawer to clean it up easily.
  • Has a lid that lid opens and closes on air lift hinges, and has a stainless steel latch to keep it sealed.
  • Maintains a consistent air setting.
  • Keeps rain out.
  • Has a thick, heavy duty, heat resistant shell that keeps in smoke and moisture all temperatures.
  • Has an over sized, easy to read built in thermometer.

Smaller Versions For Apartment Living

The smaller version is of course great for apartment living. And you won’t have to heat up the kitchen with your stove top. It’s hot enough during this season, you don’t need to add to it. You’re air conditioning is working hard enough to keep you cool, why make it work even harder by you heating up the kitchen?

Great For Prepping Future Dinners

According to some Kamado Joe grill reviews, you can grill for a week’s dinner in just one night. It’ll hold 10-12 6 oz chicken breasts and more! Just throw on steaks, chicken, fish, sausage, hamburger, etc. and you have dinner for the week. After cooking the meat, shut off the grill, add your veggies to a cast iron skillet, or throw them right on the grill, close the lid, and let sit for 10 minutes. The grill is still hot enough to cook the veggies after you first shut it off.

Just freeze what you’re not going to eat, and defrost later. It’s totally okay to freeze precooked food. This includes meats and meals cooked previously (i.e. your roast chicken and veggie leftovers). You can also half-cook your food so when you’re ready to eat it, just thaw and cook until done. It will still be fresh and taste good.

Remember: once the food is defrosted, you will need to eat the food within a reasonable time before it goes bad. To reheat, just throw it in your toaster oven, air fryer, etc.

How to freeze your food the right way:

  • Wrap precooked tightly in plastic wrap.
  • Place the plastic-wrapped food in a single layer in a freezer bag.
  • Push down on the bag to press out as much air as possible, and seal tight.
  • Place the bag in the freezer on, or near the floor, or against the back wall, where the freezer is coldest.

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Like with anything you buy, you’re going to get pros and cons. And it looks like most of the customers are happy with this grill. Even more so than the Big Green Egg. It’s built to be tough, and grill up great meals for a lifetime. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide, I hope I have helped in some way.

If you’d like add your own Kamado Joe grill reviews, or ask any questions please do so below. And please share with you friends. Thank you!

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