What is The Best Knife Cleaning Brush in 2019?

Do you hate washing dishes? Ugh, you’d rather do anything else in the world right? But you’ve got to do it, or you’ll end up having a huge, stinky, filthy mess that brings in bugs. What if it could be easier to do then? Well, this interesting little knife cleaning brush helps make washing dishes easier, and gets the chore done quicker!

It cleans your knives on both sides at once. And also you can save your sponge from getting ruined by the blades. I don’t know about yours, but my knives eventually tears up my sponges. So no more scraped up sponges! This powerful knife cleaning brush will never get ruined by your knives! It also keeps your hands safe from sharp knife blades. Also you can clean so much more than knives with this!

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The Best Knife Cleaning Brush Ever!

You can clean forks, spoons, and butter knives. Anything that will fit, you can clean it with this knife cleaning brush. It saves cleaning time! By cleaning both sides at once, dish washing is so much easier, and faster! The bristles are built for tough cleaning. All you need to do is add some soap to the brush and clean away.

knife cleaning brush

It has a textured rubber grip so it’s easy to hold on to. So it’s easy to use and easy to set aside and store when you’re done with it. When you’re done cleaning, simply rinse it out, and just slip it on to anything that’s convenient, and it will hang there. You can hang it on a dish drying rack or maybe on the side of a dish basin.

If it really needs cleaning you can throw it in the dishwasher, or into a bowl with soap and bleach, and hand wash it. It comes in two colors, green and gray.

The Knife Cleaning Brush – Cons

The plastic is a bit hard to clamp down on the knives. So it might be a little hard for some to squeeze if you need to get off stuck on messes. But others say it cleans and squeezes just fine.

The Verdict

This is worth the price. Which is not that much anyway. It’s under $10 on Amazon. And in mine and most other’s opinion, it lasts a lot longer than sponges, and it only costs a little more than a pack of sponges.

Amazon Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars

Professional Quality Knife Cleaner

March 28, 2018Color: GreenVerified Purchase

I have expensive knives, and hesitated to buy this, although Joseph Joseph products are always high quality. But I finally decided to buy it and see if it was what I wanted to get all the food particles off my knife efficiently. It does. A little dish washing liquid in the bristles, and scrub the knife back and forth in the toothy gap. The shape protects your hands no matter which way the blade is facing. I am really confident that my knives are as clean as they can be, without damaging the edge or the handles.

knife cleaning brush

After chopping up your veggies or whatever else, those knives need cleaning!

This makes it easier and faster!

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It’s Your Turn!

It looks like this could be the best knife cleaning brush of 2019. We would love to hear your comments. Ask away and please share with your friends. Thank you!

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