Poison By Sugar

This is a little story about sugar, and how I started the ketogenic diet, and how it changed my life. And how I have become to think that we are being slowly poisoned by sugar. I mean really, why are we getting so sick these days? Is it poison by sugar?

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poison by sugar

Sugar is super addictive, do you want to beat your sugar addiction?

How to Beat Your Sugar Addiction

Around October of last year, my brother came to visit me from California. But beforehand, we were chatting back and forth about what we were going to do while he was here. The topic of food came up, and I asked him what he usually ate these days. I thought about getting him spaghetti, because that used to be his favorite. He simply just said, “I’ll talk more about that when I get there.”

So a week later, he’s here, and he throws this bomb on me. He brings up that he’s been eating really weird lately, and it’s just an experiment of his. High fat, low carbs. The Keto diet. And he goes into how terrible the standard way of eating is, and how American’s are getting fatter and fatter. And sicker and sicker. Is it poison by sugar?

So Why Are People Getting So Sick And Fat These Days? Is is poison by sugar?

He brings up how terrible sugar is, and how it’s the culprit of all the diseases out there. He said that if people just stopped eating sugar, there would be no one going to the doctors for diseases and the pharmacies for drugs.

He pointed out the long lines at the grocery store pharmacy, and he looked at me and said, “sugar”. This was his theory. He was right too, sugar is super bad for you! But sugar is only one culprit. Sugar isn’t the only thing, refined carbs, and vegetable oils are also doing damage.

These 3 things cause Inflammation, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and so many other diseases. The stupid standard american diet is the culprit. I believe it more and more now, ever since my brother came and changed my life.

I Was Headed Down That Same Road

I used to eat terrible: chips, soda, cupcakes, ice cream, cookies, cereals, white bread, burgers, fast food almost every day! You name it, if it came in a bag or box at the store, I ate it. All of these have sugar in it! Even bread and pasta, just look at the ingredients!

And on top of all that, I drank wine every single night. And at least 3 or 4 BIG glasses of it! I would get those box wines you see at Walmart because there was more of it, and cheaper. You know the kind that says “34 glasses” on the box? I would go through one of those in about 3 days! I had the empty boxes stacked up behind the refrigerator, and I would take them to the trash at night, once a week, so the neighbors wouldn’t see how much I drank.

I could tell that I was gaining weight, but I actually didn’t care! One reason I didn’t care was because my husband died the beginning of last year, so I was obviously going through a tough time. And the thought of dating again was far from my mind, so I was looking to impress no one.

I was depressed and terribly moody. I had terrible road rage, and if someone just looked at me funny, I would go off. My tolerence for “stupid” people was very low.

Also, my face was getting puffier, and puffier, but I just accepted it. I also had terrible swelling in my hands, and terrible back pain. But I always had back pain, so I didn’t think anything of it really.

Was it poison by sugar?

The Will To Change

But after my brother started talking to me about how terrible the standard american diet is, I couldn’t help but agree. It’s weird, the minute he left to go home, I started cleaning out my fridge from junk! Anything that had sugar, even wheat, all went in the trash, or I gave it away. And that was pretty much everything I had! My shelves were bare!

But I didn’t care about that, because between what my brother said, and what the youtube video doctors were talking about, this “new” way of eating wore off on me.

And I took it up almost immediately. This crazy “new” way of eating is the Ketogenic diet. It’s not new at all, it’s the kind of diet our ancestors ate, because think about it, they didn’t eat the standard american diet we have today, because it didn’t exist! There were no grocery stores or McDonald’s on every corner 100 years ago and before that.

The Results

Now, 8 months later, my depression is 100% gone, I’ve lost 20 pounds, my back pain, hand swelling, and anger is 90% gone! I don’t even think about alcohol or fast food anymore. And I feel wonderful! No more poison by sugar!

I still do have sugar cravings, but I have discovered that you can make keto sweets! How great is that???

So, like I said earlier, my mission is to help as many people stop eating the sugar, and start eating a more healthy way. A way that will decrease disease, obesity, and make people just feel better. Because I use to feel terrible too, I used to be depressed, angry, and in pain all the time! And people need to see it doesn’t have to be that way. So many people’s problems CAN be solved just by the way they eat!

Also, I’m practicing more and more keto dessert recipes, so we don’t have deprive ourselves of the good stuff!

What do you think? Are we being poisoned by sugar?