A Healthy Ice Cream Maker? Is This For Real?

Do you love ice cream, but don’t eat it because you want to lose weight? Or maybe it’s because ice cream isn’t healthy. What if I told you can eat great tasting but healthy ice cream, and loose weight? A healthy ice cream maker will produce this ice cream! But you might be thinking, “Yah right! Healthy food doesn’t taste good!” That’s simply not true, you just haven’t been introduced to the right stuff.

Let me introduce you to great tasting healthy ice cream! It’s a great alternative to using sugar and dairy. All you’ll need is the ice cream maker and any frozen fruit of your choice!

The unit blends and churns your fruit into a texture similar to frozen yogurt. And if you want to learn more, or buy one of these ice cream makers, just keep reading.

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What Is A Healthy Ice Cream Maker?

It is a cool little machine that uses frozen fruit to make “ice cream”. Simply choose what kind of fruit(s) you want, and add them to the machine. Be sure to place a bowl under the spout before you press the plunger, or you’ll have a fruity mess on the counter!

Once you have your bowl, then press the plunger. You now have a bowl of a smooth and sweet frozen treat without any of the unhealthy stuff. No preservatives, added sugar, or dairy. And it’s easy to clean, all removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Who Will Benefit From A Healthy Ice Cream Maker?

Anyone who wants to lose weight. If you stop eating sugar filled deserts, and use this instead, you’ll have a high chance of loosing weight. If you want to loose even more weight, read about keto here.

Anyone who craves sugar.

Any parent who wants their kids to eat healthier. And this machine makes treats fast enough to serve many hungry kids.

Anyone who is lactose intolerant, because there is no dairy added.

Anyone who has a gluten intolerance. There’s no gluten, unless you add it lol! Anyone who’s a vegan. This is a great vegan alternative to ice cream and frozen yogurt.

healthy ice cream maker

The Yonanas Healthy Ice Cream Maker

Healthy Ice Cream Maker Pro Tips

If you use bananas it’s best if you chose over-ripe ones for a better taste.

Cut the bananas into 3/4 inch pieces, or smaller and then freeze before use.

Bananas also adds texture, and so do mangoes. Adding more bananas makes your dessert smooth and creamy.

You can even add chocolate!

Depending on your freezer setting, you may have to thaw the fruit for a few minutes. There’s a chance that they’ll be too frozen for the machine.

It can make frozen smoothies, by mixing and matching any fruit of your choice. You can even use it to make a cocktail! Regular cocktails, have all those added sugars! Very unhealthy!

But even if you’re not all that worried about sugar, you can eat it with cake, pound cake, cupcakes, etc. You can even include the frozen fruit treats in recipes for cakes, pies, sorbets, and more!


You can’t add dairy, it only allows fruit. But that’s okay, because dairy isn’t that great for weight loss (or health).

Some say that fruit sometimes gets stuck inside the shoot. Well you can simply take off the shoot, and spoon out the stuff that’s in there. It doesn’t take a macho man to do this, and the machine comes with directions that show you how to do it.

It’s loud, but it only takes seconds to make a bowl. And in it’s defense, blenders are loud too!

The Verdict – Is It Worth It?

This is definitely worth it, because it makes a great tasting healthy treat. Anyone who wants to eat better will benefit from this nifty little machine.

Impress your guests with a nice little garnish, and watch them gobble your perfection up! Kids will enjoy it as well, they’ll never know it’s healthy. You can get this healthy ice cream maker for less than $40 on Amazon. Making it a great addition to your collection of kitchen gadgets.

healthy ice cream maker
  • Perfect for the entire family!
  • Fun and easy to use!
  • Eat healthier without feeling deprived!

Buy on Amazon

One Amazon review:

 We use it almost every day 
By Luiza Kleina on Feb 10, 2016 

We have been enjoying Yonanas maker for about a month now. We use it almost every day. Actually, my nine year old daughter is the primary user and makes desserts for the whole family daily. She puts whipped cream on top, but 100% fruit desserts are delicious as well.

Still Skeptical?

Yah so was I for a while. This is truly an amazing little machine. But it really does make great ice cream treats for anyone. Yes it’s loud, but for only 15 seconds, and it doesn’t make your ears bleed. Just make sure no one’s napping lol.

Now It’s Your Turn

Do you have one? Please tell us about it and share with your friends. Or do you have any questions or comments about it? Please let us know! Thank you 🙂

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