Sparkling Water vs Soda – What’s The #1 Best Choice?

Sparkling Water VS Soda!

Sparkling water vs soda! Which is healthier? Well, right off the bat most people will say that sparkling water wins!

So let’s face it, drinking soda is a terrible habit, and it leads to all kinds of problems.

Let’s look into soda and diet soda facts, how bad it is for you, and is sparkling water the winner?

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Soda, How Unhealthy Is It?

Soda. Yes, it tastes good, but do you realize what that crap is really doing to your body? If you knew what soda actually does to the body, you’d never buy it again! So sparkling water vs soda, who wins? Let’s see:

Some incentives to stop drinking it completely:

  • It makes you fat! Did you know that only one 16 oz bottle of cola a day can make you gain 13 pounds a year! That may not sound like much, but I hate gaining weight, so just 1 pound a year was too much for me!!
  • It makes you unhealthy! Soda is one of the culprits of having a fatty liver, therefore leading to liver disease! Studies have shown that it also leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels, and stroke! Goodness!
  • It leads to bone density loss and osteoporosis, especially in women!
  • It leads to stained teeth, tooth decay, cavitities, and tooth loss.
  • Diet sodas are even worse for your body than regular sodas are. They shouldn’t even be an option to replace regular soda with. To learn more about deadly diet and regular soda read.
  • No benefits to drinking it! Some people would say caffeine, but there’s no nutritional need for it.

So do you really want to keep drinking this crap?

I don’t. After years of drinking sodas, juices, etc. I finally kicked my sugary drink habit.

And I was introduced to sparkling water.

Sparkling Water!

The benefits of sparkling water. 

  • It gives a satisfying feeling.
  • It’s healthy.
  • It’s full of minerals.
  • It gives a good kick like soda does.
  • It’s not full of sugar and chemicals.
  • It tastes great on it’s own with no flavors or sweeteners.
  • But it also tastes great jazzed up like soda! 
  • It’s a great alternative to soda.

So it’s safe to say sparkling water is the winner of sparkling water vs soda!!! Yay!

But there are a few negatives to sparkling water. What are they? Let’s find out:

Cons To Buying Sparkling Water

What I don’t like about buying sparkling water: 

Having to lug it home. I live on the second floor of my apartment building, and I’m tired of carrying my water up there. I live alone, so no one will help me carry it. And the water won’t carry itself up the stairs! 

The Waste of Plastic and Glass Bottles.

Believe it or not, there are some towns that still don’t know what recycling means!

According some recycling websites, the average amount of recycled water bottles is only 31% and glass is 43%. Aluminum is higher, so buying sparkling water in cans is a better choice.

In the rare event when the glass and plastic do get recycled, they are not re-made back into bottles! They’re just “downcycled” into carpet and whatever else.

So we’re using up valuable resources to keep manufacturing water bottles. In the meantime, the bottles that are not recycled, are all over the world, polluting the planet.

Sparkling water is expensive, and if you love it like I do, you’ll want it all the time, and that money adds up.

So sparkling water won the sparkling water vs soda fight. And I finally bought a sparkling water maker, and I am so happy with, it’s the best!

Pros To Buying A Sparkling Water Maker:

  • Using a sparkling water maker, you’ll won’t have to buy and lug around wasteful bottles anymore!
  • No more adding to the destruction of the environment with non-biodegradable bottles.
  • They cost money up front, but think of all the money you’ll save in the long run!
  • You can even make healthy sodas that don’t have all that sugar, corn syrup, etc.
  • How to make sparkling water? With a sparkling water maker, you just push a button and voila, you get sparkling water! Yay!

Love The Fizzy!

There’s a wide variety of sparkling water makers with a wide variety of prices. You can choose just the water maker itself or you can get a starter kit. Starter kits come with carbonators and flavored water drink mixes.

But what is the best?

Fizz Up!

Most customers agree that Drinkmate is is the best sparkling water maker!

And it can even go further! Drinkmate can carbonate any cold drink.

Iced tea or coffee, lemonade and other juices, energy drinks, and more!

Fizzy Water Flavors

So you’re looking for alternate drinks to soda! There are several recipes you can use with your own sparkling water.

But if you don’t feel like making a recipe, you can just get some fizzy water mix and just stir it up.

Stur is a healthy version of a sweet fruity drink!

What I Don’t Recommend:

True Lime Fruit Drink Powder

I’ve tried this True fruit flavored powder in my frizzy water, and what crap! Boy it is gross, I don’t like it one it one bit. It tastes completely weird at every sip, and it has a terrible aftertaste.

I tried to like it, but I just can’t. I had to throw out my otherwise good tasting sparkling water (if I hadn’t put that crap in it).

It sounded good, but it really wasn’t.

Re-Using Water Bottles

Have you ever re-filled your water bottles?

Refilling water bottles after you’ve used them can be harmful to your health.

Research has shown that refilling water bottles can:

  • Produce as much germs as a toilet seat!
  • Chemicals break down from re-used bottles, and lead to cancer!

Instead, of reusing plastic water bottles, just use the bottle once and then recycle it. It’s best for you, and the environment!

If you insist on reusing water bottles, rinse them out with very hot water and soap. Or find bottles that are BPA-plastic free.

So There You Have It!

I used to drink soda! I knew it was unhealthy, but I loved it, so I limited myself to one 16 oz bottle a day, just one! I thought just one bottle a day couldn’t hurt too much right? HA!! Right!

After learning I could gain 13 pounds a year just on one soda bottle a day well… My soda habit was replaced by drinking healthy sparkling water!

But I got tired of buying this water over and over again. And carrying it up my stairs over and over again.

And I love the planet, and got tired of adding to the pollution by buying un-reusable bottles all the time.

So I finally decided to buy a sparkling water maker, and so happy I did! Because sparkling water is the winner in this sparkling water vs soda fight!

Now It’s Your Turn!

What are your experiences with sparkling water vs soda? Please comment below, and please share with your friends! Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Sparkling Water vs Soda – What’s The #1 Best Choice?”

  1. Great article, thanks for sharing!

    I guess i am so excited to hear what you`re going to say about soda vs. sparkling water. Of course, sparkling water wins.
    In our family, soda is sort of “for special occasion kinda thing”. But most of the time, we would opt for sparkling water instead.
    I am glad you mentioned about different ways on how to get that fizzy in your water. I think, according to your recommendation, i will try that Drinkmate brand.

    Thanks again. All the best!

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