The Ninja Foodie Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer of 2019

Imagine owning a contraption that thaws, cooks, and crisps. Food turns out juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. You’ll only need to prepare it, set it, and forget it. Make a rotissore chicken like a pro, better than you can get at any store. The Ninja Foodie pressure cooker doesn’t cook just chicken either. You can cook pork chops, juicy roasts, stews, casseroles, and desserts.

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The Ninja Foodie Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer

It’s one of the new kitchen gadgets that’s getting a lot of buzz. It’s an air fryer and a pressure cooker in one cool contraption. And it’s fast to make dinner, a lot faster than baking or frying. You can cook pork chops in 10 to 12 minutes. A 5 pound chicken can only take about 15-20 minutes to pressure-cook, and 15 minutes to air crisp. After you’re done pressure-cooking, release the valve to remove liquid from the unit. Then baste the meat every 5 minutes during air frying. But also, cooking times varies with every recipe.

Pros of the Ninja Foodie Pressure Cooker – Why you should get one:

  • It’s super neat to have one machine that can do two things!
  • You’ll find out that it’s hefty, well-built, and easy to operate. It’s big enough for a whole chicken or a meal for 5 to 6 people.
  • Allows you to defrost food straight from the freezer. The pressure cooker will thaw the food, and then cook it, giving you a tender, juicy chicken, or roast. It’s also great for cooking up some soups, stews, and casseroles. I actually tried boiling eggs, and they came out perfect.
  • The fryer has a neat little display window, that tells you what’s going on with your food, how much longer it needs to cook, etc. It comes with instructions, tips and tricks about how to cook with it, and a recipe book.

And it comes with its own frying basket, and the air fryer counts down and shuts off on its own.

You can also lift the air fryer lid at anytime during cooking. This is good if you want to see inside, or to stop the frying, if the food is brown enough to your liking.

When got mine, the first thing I cooked was pork chops and cabbage. I made 2 medium-sized pork chops, and threw in a small head of cabbage (cut up in big pieces), two cups of chicken broth, a stick of butter, steak seasoning, salt and pepper, and it turned out great!

Cons – What You’ll Need to Know Before Buying

The ninja foodie pressure cooker is a big contraption, it will hold a whole chicken. So that also means that you’ll need a lot of counter space for cooking, and a lot of storage space. On top of that, you’ll need to have some space from the walls and the unit. This is because while air frying, steam comes out from the back of the unit.

It will hold a whole chicken, but only has enough room for a four to five pound chicken.

The beeper that tells you when the food’s done is not very loud. You won’t hear it if you’re hard of hearing or in the other room.

While pressure-cooking, the air fryer lid doesn’t come off even if you want it to. The pressure-cooking lid does come off, but then you’ll need to have enough storage space for it. And you’ll need to watch yourself with the valve if you don’t want to get burned by the steam. It’s best to allow your pressure cooker to naturally release!

The cord is just 33 inches long, and it’s not recommended to use an exention cord.

If you only need an air fryer, then this page might help you: Best air fryers of 2019.

After Dinner

Not just for dinner! The ninja foodie pressure cooker makes good for desserts too. You can make cheesecakes, puddings, pies, and even banana bread. And also, you can put little individual size cups inside to make muffins, creme brulee, and much more!

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The pressure cooker that thaws, crisps, and makes desserts! It is a great addition if you have enough storage and cooking space. But the food turns out great. Nice and tender, crispy, and juicy.

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