4 Super Things The Whisk Wiper Pro Can Do!

Introducing The Whisk Wiper Pro! An interesting little gadget that has become a great addition to kitchens. And once you get one, you’ll see that you’ll can’t live without it. And if you’re a baker, this is a must-have.

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1. The whisk wiper pro cleans the whisk!

It attaches to the whisk addition to your stand mixer, and wipes the mess clean when you’re done whisking. Do you hate using a spatula to scrape off leftover batter? And doing that doesn’t even work that well! There’s still batter left on it! And you either have to wash it off, or a member of your family wants to lick the batter off! And we all know now that we shouldn’t be eating raw batter if there’re eggs in there.

So, this cool gadget just wipes the batter completely clean from the whisk.

This means that you’re no longer wasting batter! You can put that batter that’s on the whisk back into the bowl. Instead of letting it go down the drain or getting it licked off by someone’s tongue.

To attach it, all you have to do is line the grooves up with the whisk and push down. Then start whisking.

2. Keeps the whisk off of the counter.

When you’re taking a break between whisking, what do you usually do with the whisk? It usually gets placed on the counter right? Now there’s a mess to clean up, because you have batter on the counter from the dirty whisk! Or maybe you use a little plate to put it on, but then that still needs to be washed later!

So check this out! While the whisk wiper is still on the whisk, it’ll hold your whisk up away from the counter! The whisk is now in the air and not touching any surface. No more messy surfaces!

3. It catches drips!

But then what if you have a messy batter that drips? Easy, you can set the whisk on it’s end and the whisk wiper pro will catch the drips! There’s also an option to hang it on the side of your bowl, so the whisk doesn’t slip into the bowl. We’ve all had that problem right? Then we had to go fish for it, yuck!

4. It’s also a spatula!

So now you’re done whisking away and are ready to pour the batter into your baking pan. Just slide the whisk wiper off and add the batter “catchings” into the pan along with the rest. It can also be used as a spatula/scraper to get all that batter out of the bowl and into a baking pan! Also, the scraper/spatula is custom made to fit your mixer bowl. And when you’re done scraping the bowl, just scrape the access off into your baking pan.

Is There Anything Worth Complaining About?

Just that your hands might get a little messy if you use it as a spatula/scraper. (Even though it’s what’s it’s made to do). There’s just no handle so you might get your hands in the batter while scraping.

It’s not dishwasher safe. But it’s easy to hand clean.

You’re little munchkins are going to be mad that there’s nothing to lick off!!

Is It Worth It?

Yes! It’s well made, and it’s one gadget that does multiple things:

  1. It cleans the batter off the whisk.
  2. It helps keep your counters clean, (no messy whisk leftovers).
  3. It catches drips, and it keeps your whisk from falling into your bowl.
  4. It’s also a spatula/scraper.

How neat is that! Because of the whisk wiper, your counters will be cleaner, and so will your whisk, so there’s no waste or heavy cleanup. And if there is cleanup, it’s not because of the whisk wiper pro! It’s definitely worth the price. And it’s made tough to last for years!

the whisk wiper pro

Buy on Amazon

There’s even one that’s made for a regular hand whisk that’s just as cool! And what’s even cooler, if you buy the regular whisk wiper you’ll get a free whisk!!

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Now It’s Your Turn

Do you have one? Or do you want one? Please let’s talk about it, I will reply as soon as possible. And please share with your friends! Thank you!

14 Replies to “4 Super Things The Whisk Wiper Pro Can Do!”

  1. Thank you for bringing this little gadget to my attention! I do a lot of baking and I can’t tell you how much batter ends up in the sink or, like you said, on a little plate on the counter! I can’t believe I had never seen this before but I’m really psyched about it (lol little things can make my day). I am definitely going to check it out. Thanks again!

  2. My purchase of Whisk Wiper Pro is probably one of the best things that I’ve ever did last December. I always wanted to buy tools and equipment for baking and cooking and last December, I allocated a portion of the Christmas bonus I received from my boss and bought one of this equipment. You know, I will never hesitate to spend money especially if it will be for the fulfillment of my passion of baking. And it turned out my decision is right, as this equipment makes baking 100 times easier!

  3. I have very little experience with the topic but after reading this i feel enlightened.

    It is a very relevant problem for lots of people and the Whisk wiper pro could be the answer to a problem for a lot of people.

    The rest of the site  with regards to diets is also intresting and is written in a style that engages you from the outset.

    When my wife comes home from work iwill be sure to show her the Whisk wiper pro review.

    Overall i really did enjoy my visit here.

  4. It’s amazing how great ideas like the Whisk Wiper Pro are so simple? Nobody thought about it until the person who invented it. I am sure he or she must he a cake maker.

    My wife bakes a lot of cakes for friends and events. Her hand whisker is well used. I am going to suggest it to her we buy one. If we do I will use your site. 

    Thanks for sharing a simple but a very useful gizmo! 

    1. I know what you mean! It’s like that saying, “why didn’t I think of that!” lol I’ve thought that many times. Thank you!

  5. Interesting gadget, this whisk wiper pro! I don’t often use a whisk, because of the mess, but with a better way of controlling the mess, maybe I would use it more!

    I can very much relate to your story on the About Buffy page… I agree there is a link between mood and diet…

    I’m worried whether this whisk attachment will be compatible with my existing kitchen appliances… They’re not KitchenAid! Also, because I’m shopping from Canada, Amazon added a huge shipping fee, so that’s not such good value. Anyhow, I found your article interesting and I’ll think about buying this whisk attachment.  Do you know which brands it’ll be compatible with, or what to measure to be sure it fits? Thanks.

    1. That’s a bummer to that Amazon has high shipping costs if shipped to Canada, I didn’t know this. I’m not sure about the answer to your question, but I’ll try to find out.

  6. I must admit that I have been a little over whelmed every time I have to clean the whisk or the mess that it leaves. And to think that there is a wiper to do all the cleaning is just amazing.

    Does the Whisk Wiper Pro work with any other whisk that has been bought separately? Or I will just have to manually clean previously bought whisks?

  7. Wow! I’m baking a lot more these days and I think this will come in handy! I really hate when drops of batter get all over the counter after using a whisk or mixer. I like to get my baked goods into the oven so I can enjoy them faster so I usually leave the whisk and batter drops all over the counter to clean up later when it’s harder to get up. It’s pretty small so it doesn’t take up a lot of kitchen drawer space either.I’d have to remember to use it when whisking!

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the whisk wiper.

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