Keto can be hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why I have put together a list of the top 14 keto tips for beginners! Now you don’t have to ask questions somewhere else, I’ve provided the best tips here:

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#1: Keto tips for beginners: Don’t waste your money.

keto tips for beginners

Before you invest in supplements listen to your body first. You may find out that you don’t need them. They are expensive and also there’s no strong proof that including an outside resource of ketones will aid in burning extra fat.

#2: Keto tips for beginners: Forget about artificial sweeteners  

keto tips for beginners

They can keep your cravings going strong. And on top of that they can leave you starving and also the majority of them are indigestible, and can cause issues like bloating, gas, and diarrhea. If you desire desserts, look for a Keto friendly dessert recipe to enjoy in small amounts.

#3: Keto tips for beginners: Use 28-days keto challenge  

If you need help to get started with your meal planning the 28-day keto challenge can help.

The 28DayKetoChallenge will provide you with a list of foods that you can and cannot eat, which will make sticking to your new diet much easier. There is a lot of other information in this guide that will help you stay on track through the first 28 days.

More details: 28-day Keto challenge

#4: Keto tips for beginners: Be cautious with alcohol.

An alcoholic beverage can sabotage your efforts and kick you out of ketosis. When you drink alcohol, the liver stops all other processes, including breaking down of fat, because it needs to break down the alcohol first. This can stall your weight loss. Even though some can enjoy alcohol in moderation while on Keto, hangovers are often worse with a low carb diet.

#5: Keto tips for beginners: Avoid imitation food

keto tips for beginners

Keep in mind why you are considering keto, is it so that you can eat a bunch of keto bread, cookies, and pasta? Probably not right? And by my experience, these imitation foods don’t even come close to the real thing. Some of them are like eating cardboard. And most of these replacement foods contain fillers that will leave you undernourished and hungry. They may even contain hidden ingredients like dextrose and artificial sweeteners. These can halt ketosis! Again, something else that sabotages your efforts!

#6: Shop weekly

Shopping weekly with your food plans and list will help you stay on track. And if you bring your list you will be less tempted to get impulse buys. Another tip is to never go shopping while hungry! You will end up buying unnecessary things and even junk food that you’re trying to stay away from.

#7: Cook food in bulk ahead of time.

Cooking in bulk means you’ll be less likely to search around for something to eat, and you’re less likely to be tempted to go back to junk foods. Meats can be easily cooked in bulk. You can bake/broil and even grill your meats of choice all at once. Vegetables are easy to cook and steam in bulk and they keep well in the fridge for up to 5 days. Also, you can boil some eggs, cook a whole chicken, use your instant pot to steam some broccoli or green beans, and cook up some thin beef or pork steaks in the skillet, and you’ve got protein and fiber for days!

#8: Eat your greens!

keto tips for beginners

Trust me, you’re going to need the fiber. It provides provide tons of nutrients and help you feel full. Broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, and zucchini are excellent sources.

#9: Hydrate.

This is one of the best keto tips for beginners, because you will lose a lot of water and the dehydration can lead to many issues. Most people don’t know this, and it’s one of the reasons why they will suffer the keto flu. Invest in some containers that travel well so you can take water with you wherever you go. If you don’t like regular water you can try sparkling water. It’s fun to drink, and can also help settle a stomach.

#10: Invest in reusable containers.

You can use them for your weekly meal and snack prep so you always have something on hand to grab and go. Glass containers is a good choice so you can reheat your food in them. If you’re not into lugging around glass, there’s a wide selection of meal prep containers out there. Opt for washable ones to reduce waste and save money.

#11: Ease into exercise.

Remember that your new way of eating is a drastic change for your body. You can become sluggish for days or weeks, but it varies per individual. Give yourself time to adjust to burning fat for fuel. In addition, because of the water and salt loss, you may also experience cramping in large and small muscles. And one great thing about Keto is that you will find that you will shed pounds even without exercise! But don’t take this as an excuse to never work out again though, just take it slow at first and build up as your body becomes accustomed to Keto.

I walk at a moderate pace for 30 minutes almost every evening after dinner. And 2 or 3 times a week I like to do HIIT: high intensity interval training. No don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it seems. This simply means that you exercise for 20 or 30 seconds and rest for 30 or 40 seconds. I either do jumping jacks, jump rope, or jogging in place. I do 10 reps of this, and I do it 2 to 3 times a week. And on keto that’s all we really need.

#12: Don’t be afraid of salt

This is also one of the best keto tips for beginners because salt can also help with the keto flu. And the reason salt is so feared is because of its bad reputation for causing high blood pressure. The real issue here though is carbs. Carbs cause our bodies to retain water and when too much sodium is added to the mix, blood pressure rises. Without the carbs, however, your body needs the extra sodium because you’re excreting a lot of it through your kidneys. Sodium is so important for many chemical balances in our bodies. It will also add flavor to your food and help reduce muscle cramps.

Pink Himalayan salt is so good because it consists of trace minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. All of these minerals are essential for keto beginners because it can support:

  • relaxing muscles
  • maintaining proper fluid balance and preventing dehydration

#13: Don’t be afraid of fat

When you’re on keto fat is your friend. You have to understand that it’s not Keto if you’re still trying to eat low fat. Fat will become your body’s and brain’s main energy source. Again, you want sources to be as fresh as possible. Olive oil, coconut oil, mac nut oil, nuts and nut butters, avocados, and pure butter are excellent sources. Cook with them, put them on your salads, include them in your recipes. Do keep in mind that everyone’s body is different and as you get to know your body on Keto, you can add or cut fat as needed. If you’re not ready to truly eat high fat then reevaluate your goals and decide if another type of diet is right for you. Paleo is similar to keto, but you’re not eating as much fat.

#14: Try intermittent fasting (IF).

IF can help with additional fat loss, and so much more. This is great to get your body back into ketosis if you’ve been kicked out. It also helps with bloating. IF consists of not eating anything and drinking only water, unsweetened coffee, and/or unsweetened tea for at least 16 hours. We already fast while we sleep, so adding a couple of hours before bed and in the morning will allow you to complete an intermittent fast easily. Some people do IF every day while others do it periodically. IF can also solve your breakfast dilemma if you don’t have anything to eat. This is one reason why I like the 16-8 fasting plan.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors, registered dietitians, or nutritionists. Nutritional information is researched and provided a courtesy.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope you got some good information and enjoyed these keto tips for beginners. If you have any questions or comments please do so below. And share with your friends and family. This might help them too.

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